How To Improve WordPress Website For SEO

If you want to promote your business online, then blogging is the best way and important SEO strategy for any campaign. Among numerous blogging platforms, In Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will learn that WordPress has proven to be one of the best and effective platform for SEO-friendly blogging.

  • Meta tags: WordPress meta tags such as meta titles are not optimized for search engines. For this purpose, All in One SEO pack plugin should be used as it will help you in customize meta titles in order to add keywords in it. In Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will also learn about All in One SEO pack plugin.
  • URL customization: URL customization is really important because search engine prefers the url having keywords in it. It is important to not include numerical in URL as it is not recommended for SEO point of view.
  • Heading tags: There are numerous WordPress themes which have set headings using codes. For SEO, only one h1 is required to used per web page, but other sub headings can be in h2 tags. With the help of Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will learn about the importance of heading tags also.
  • Image Optimization: WordPress has the best feature of image optimization. Before uploading image in the website, the image file must have a name in the form of keywords if it is relevant to keyword. After adding in the website, same image name must be used in the title tag, description and alt tags.

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