Importance of Hashtags in Twitter

Social media has become one of the best platform for both businesses and individuals. There are numerous social media channels which are essential for businesses. Among those social media channels, Twitter has become one of the best social media platform. In Social Media Training in Lahore, you will learn that Twitter has numerous features such as tweet, retweet and hashtags.

Hashtags are usually used in tweets by using # sign and keywords must be used in the hashtag. By using hashtag along with keyword in Twitter, it will show a lisr of tweets containing that hashtag. In Social Media Training in Lahore, you will learn that hashtags are popular in Twitter as people use it for communication purpose and also to follow conversation. The other use of hashtag is for events promotion. When creating an event, use hashtag so that people can connect with it and during an event, it will also help others to see the updates.

Hashtag is easy to create. Use the relevant keyword of your website to describe the event and then connect with your audience. Hashtag must be short and clear to understand. In Twitter, only 140 characters are allowed to use. Hashtags can also be used in Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates as well as Tweets. Social Media Training in Lahore will also teach how to create and use hashtags for your business.

Twitter has been considered the best social media channel for business promotion purpose. In Pakistan, ITHeight is covering Twitter in its Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training from last few years. Visit ITHeight and get Social Media Training in Lahore to understand the importance of hashtags in Twitter.