Reasons of Popularity of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and trustworthy platform for blogging in field of web development nowadays. With the help of Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will learn that in the market since last few decades, WordPress has become one of the well-known content management system as well as the first choice by web developers.

  • Easy to access: WordPress is actually a browser-based. It can be easily accessed and can manage website from any other computer or laptop. WordPress should be download and install first. It requires proper internet and login information. In Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will be taught how to use and access WordPress.
  • Simple to use: The popularity of WordPress is due to its simple and easy user interface. It is designed in such a way that non-technical person can also use it easily without having knowledge of any programming language. With the help of WordPress, new posts, categories, images, pages can easily be created.
  • Search engine friendly: WordPress is very search engine friendly as it helps in indexing blogs or websites easily by search engines within hours. Therefore, it is important for businesses to use WordPress for their website or blog. In Web Development Courses in Lahore, you will also learn that WordPress is search-engine friendly and search engines prefers it for website ranking.
  • No knowledge of HTML: For WordPress, it is not important to learn HTML. It is a platform where everything is in-built and website owner has to easily set up the blog posts, pages, documents, videos and images through different tools which are available in WordPress.

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