Three Processes Of Project Quality Management

In project management, there are several knowledge areas. One of the knowledge area named project quality management includes the organizational process that helps in determine quality objectives, policies and responsibilities. In PMP Certification in Lahore, project manager will learn that according to PMBOK, project quality management has three processes which are Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

  1. Quality Planning: A good project management plan usually starts with the clear goals and objectives of the project. It includes about the project such as what is the product, look of product, working of product, success determination of project etc. By answering these questions, it will help in identification and defining quality goals, helps in discussing the approaches and ideas in order to achieve the goals and objectives of project. It also includes the risk assessment, documentation, test to achieve, control and verify success etc. The task related to quality management must be a part of plan and assigned to the project team members. With the help of PMP Certification in Lahore, project manager will be able to make a quality plan for project effectively and successfully as well.
  2. Quality Assurance: The tests of quality assurance includes a metric systems in order to find that quality plan is being utilized in a proper way or not. With the help of quantitative and qualitative metrics, project quality can be measured with the help of customer satisfaction. The quality auditing can help in predicting and verification of accomplishment of goals. In PMP Certification in Lahore, project manager will also learn how to conduct and measure quality assurance.
  3. Quality Control: This process includes operational techniques to make sure that project meets the standards properly. It includes identification, analysis and correction of problems. After the quality assurance, quality control is conducted after the identification of problem.

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