Get Web Development Training in Lahore and Learn about WordPress for SEO

WordPress is a platform which is search engine friendly. However it has some features and functionalities through which search engine is able to crawl the website in the form of posts, pages and categories and then collect information to be added in its database. In Web Development Training in Lahore, you will learn that WordPress has already in-built SEO tools, plugins, permalinks etc.

  • Clean Code: WordPress website must have a clean and good code and it must be validated else errors in codes will not let search engine crawler to crawl the website easily.
  • Content First: It is said that content is the king. When search engine enters a website, it mostly crawls through the content instead of styles and CSS. Therefore, website should be designed in such a way that WordPress Theme must have a good layout for content such as sidebars, footer at the bottom. In Web Development Training in Lahore, you will also understand the importance of content for WordPress website.
  • Value of Content: It has been observed that web crawlers cannot see a website but can read a website. Therefore, it is important for a website to have a quality content which is informative and useful.
  • Titles, Keywords and Links: The website layout is not much focused by search engines but web crawlers can evaluate keywords and then give a rank to website. Keywords must be incorporated into the titles, keywords and links in the body of content. In Web Development Training in Lahore, you will also learn about the importance of keywords in the content.

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