Avail Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan to get knowledge about current trends of digital marketing

Nowadays, it is an era of digital transformation which is a current trend and it will exceed beyond social media and online marketing in all areas of a business. In Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan, you will learn that the main areas of digital transformation are culture, leadership, user experience, digital technology integration.

  • Live Videos: Live videos are very effective marketing strategy in digital marketing and now trend will be its usage in the websites also. The strategy of live video is getting popular these days as some of the internet users have been providing the task of watching live videos and as a result, they will pay them to watch videos. In Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan, you will also learn how to do Live Streaming on social media platforms.
  • Augmented Reality: Due to maximum growth in gaming industry, augmented reality is getting popular also but now it should be more used in social media and websites as well.
  • Google Marketing Platform: Google has updated numerous algorithms and way of search engine marketing as well. Now, Google AdWords is known as Ads and other tools such as AB testing and Google Analytics have become more updated and integrated also.
  • Social Media: It is one of the best digital marketing strategy for business. The main social media platforms these days are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. But these days, Messenger is getting more popularity as 8 billion approximately messages are being exchanged between businesses and users. In Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan, you will also understand the importance of social media marketing.

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