Avail SEO Training in Lahore to learn more about importance of nofollow tag in SEO

SEO Training in Lahore will help in understanding more about SEO including dofollow and nofollow tags as both tags plays different roles. The Nofollow tag is a tag that instructs search engines to not index the link. Website having maximum number of backlinks are able to rank better on search engines as compared to other website with very few backlinks. If any website owner does not want to show link or web page to web crawler, then nofollow tag is used. The nofollow tag is usually used in the tag of anchor. Nofollow tag does not pass any link juice. Therefore, it does not help in ranking a website better on search engines.

With the help  of SEO Training in Lahore, you will understand that it is important to understand that search engine can consider nofollow tag in different way too. If website owner does not want to crawl and index the content then nofollow tag will be used. Comments posted by users should have no-follow tag as it will help your website to prevent from spammers.

In SEO Training in Lahore, you will also learn that the web pages such as Contact Us, Privacy and Policy, User Policy Manual, Terms of Services must have nofollow tag. Search engines usually use dofollow and nofollow tags to understand the link should be crawled and indexed or not. Web crawlers use numerous factors to measure the popularity of links. External links are the links that works as a vote for a web page which will help in increase the rank of your website. The domain authority defines how much website is worth in terms of quality and popularity.

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