Get SEO Training in Pakistan to learn about advanced Local SEO tips

Local SEO strategies are different from global SEO as local SEO is usually implemented if your business is local i.e. running in any city or its surroundings. SEO Training in Pakistan covers both local and global SEO in detail.

  • Website optimization: Avoid over-optimization of your website. But inform Google through sitemap.xml whenever you do changes in the website. If you have no information regarding your domain name, then utilize the website title. Title must be optimized by adding keywords in the site title and keywords must be relevant to the content. For local SEO, add name, address and phone number. In SEO Training in Pakistan, you will learn complete website optimization from basics till advanced.
  • Local Photos: One of the most common thing is that users look for real photos of the companies locally. Addition of stock photos cannot help in running your business and it will bother users as well. Therefore, take quality of photos of your business, company, products or services.
  • Social Media: Get social media presence by creating an account and business pages on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In SEO Training in Pakistan, you will also understand the importance of social media for local SEO.
  • Phone numbers in title tag: Add a call to action i.e. local contact number in the title tag description of your website so that many people can contact you directly. This is the best way to get people convert into clients by contacting you rather than they click on a website link to find out more information.

In Pakistan, local businesses are getting competitive in the market as well as. ITHeight is the best SEO Training center that offers quality SEO in different cities. ITHeight covers SEO from basics till advanced level. Visit ITHeight and avail SEO Training in Pakistan to learn more about advanced  local SEO tips.