Avail SEO Training in Lahore and learn about SEO friendly URLs

With the help of SEO Training in Lahore, you will understand that website is considered to be the great if you have used relevant and best keywords and also content is engaging. The essential thing in SEO is URL which must be in order and also good so that search engines gets satisfied with it from SEO point of view.

  • Simple URL: A good URL is the url that is easy to understand and reflects properly the main page. URL should be simple in such a way that it should depict the website or web page is about what. If URL contains unnecessary numbers or characters, it is useless from SEO point of view.
  • Incorporate keywords: Incorporate keywords in the content of landing page, also include them in URL structure. If keywords in your URLs makes the web pages or website more interesting if original search terms are the same which user is looking for. In SEO Training in Lahore, you will learn how to incorporate keywords in the url.
  • URL length: The length of URL should be short and easy to remember. Long URLs are not good for SEO. Therefore, URL should be composed in a such a way that it depicts the content clearly.
  • Canonical tags: When users type a URL, there are numerous ways which will lead them to the same page which search engines considers duplicate content that affects on SEO ranking. To resolve it, canonical tag is used to prevent from the duplicate content. In SEO Training in Lahore, you will also learn about canonical tags.
  • Avoid useless characters: Use keywords in the URL and separate the words with the help of a hyphen. Avoid using underscores, asterixis etc.

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